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Health and Safety Declaration

I declare,

I do not have any of the following symptoms: fever, dry cough, cold, breathlessness, headaches, diarrhoea and tiredness.

I haven’t engaged in domestic or international travel in the past 14 days.

I haven’t come in close contact with any COVID-19 affected person and have adhered to lockdown protocols.

I will follow Government issued safety guidelines while availing services.

I understand that sabji kirana store has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure service providers follow WHO recommended safety protocols and will not be liable for any COVID19 related issues.

I do not reside in Government declared Red zones.


Eligibility- Persons who are ‘incompetent to contract’ within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including the lunatics and un-discharged insolvents etc. are not eligible to use the site. If you are a minor within the meaning of Indian Majority Act, 1875, i.e. under the age of 18 years but at least 12 years of age, you may use the site only under the supervision of a parent or a legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms of use. If your age is below 18 years, your parents or legal guardians can transact on behalf of you if they are registered users of this site.

You are prohibited from purchasing any material which if for the consumption of adults and the sale of which to minors is strictly prohibited in laws applicable in India.


Governing Law- This agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws in force in India, except that its conflicts of law provisions shall not apply.


Jurisdiction- This agreement shall be governed by the laws of India. Any dispute, difference, or question which may at any time arise inter se parties hereto or any person claiming under them, touching or arising out of or in respect of this Agreement shall be mutually resolved by both parties within 30 days from the date of receipt by other party of a written notice from the aggrieved party of the existence of the dispute.

If the parties fail to reach amicable solution, the same shall be referred to an independent arbitrator who will be appointed by sabjikiranastore.in and his decision shall be final and binding on the parties hereto. The above arbitration shall be in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as amended from time to time. The arbitration shall be held in Jaipur. The High Court of judicature at Jaipur Bench of the Rajasthan High Court alone shall have the jurisdiction. During the period of 30 days as mentioned above and during the Arbitration proceedings, the terms and conditions shall be followed by all the parties and the operation of this Agreement shall not be suspended. The seat of the Arbitration shall be at Jaipur and the language shall be in English only. The Arbitral Award shall be in writing and shall be final and binding on both parties.


Rights of Third Parties- Any person who is not a party to this agreement shall have no rights under the provisions of Indian Contract Act of 1872 to enforce any of its terms.



Force Majeure- It means any circumstance not within a party’s reasonable control as-

  1. Acts of God, fire, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster,
  2. Epidemic or pandemic, whether it has been declared by the World Health Organisation,
  3. Terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation of war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations,
  4. Nuclear, Chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom,
  5. Any law or any action taken by a government or public authority including without limitation imposing a nation-wide quarantine, an export or import restriction, quota or prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent,
  6. Collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident,
  7. Interruption or failure of utility service, or
  8. Any other similar events beyond the parties’ reasonable control which affects the general public. If a party is directly prevented, hindered or delayed in or from performing any of its obligations under the agreement by a Force Majeure Event, the affected party shall not be in breach of this Agreement or otherwise liable for any such failure or delay in the performance of such obligations, provided that the failure or delay could not have been prevented by reasonable precautions. The time for performance of such obligations extended, to the same extent as those of the affected party. The affected party shall use all reasonable endeavours to perform its obligations under this agreement or to mitigate the effect of Force Majeure event on the performance of its obligations.


Notices- All notices or other communications required or permitted to be given is made in connection with this Agreement shall be in writing in English and delivered electronically, personally or sent by registered post or courier to each party at the address set out in this Agreement or such other address as a party may substitute from time to time by giving notice to the other party in writing.    


AMENDMENTS- These Terms of Use are subject to the modifications at any time. We reserve the right to modify or change the Terms of Use and other related policies at any time by posting changes on the platform, and you shall be liable to update yourself of such changes, if any, by accessing the changes on the Platform. You shall at times, be responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms of Use and the other policies and note the changes made on the platform. Your continued usage of the services after any change is posted constitutes your acceptance of the amended Terms of Use and other related policies. As long as you comply with these terms of use, we grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to access, enter, and use the platform. By accepting these Terms of use, you also accept and agree to be bound by the other terms and conditions.