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Sabji kirana store is an online portal for fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. There is no need to go any where to shop these daily items. Just place your order and get these at your door step within few hours. It is known for its fast online home delivery.

It has popular categories of fruits, vegetables, herbs, healthy eat and exotic veggies.We serve fresh fruit, vegetables and pure herbs.

Vegetables and fruits are free from chemicals and are brought from the best fields that don't cause any harm to your health. Herbs are so pure to add perfect flavours to your food and they taste really amazing.You can purchase online  vegetables at fairest possible prices

Eating fruit provides health benefits and provide health and maintenance of your body and it is really good if they are pure. We have a long list of these fruits . We have oranges, bananas, grapes, mangoes, Apples, chikoo, Bael, Mosambis, Pomegranates, pineapples, Jamun,coconut, coconut water, and Watermelon. Special  fruits like  dragonfruit, Lychee, strawberries and  kiwi. Here is a broad category of mangoes like Totapuri mango, kesar Mango and Dasheri mango Order online fruits from sabzi kirana store.

Vegetables are low in calories and carbs and rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and disease- fighting phytochemical. Like fruits we  have broad category of vegetables too. This list includes peas, cauliflower, tomato, colocasia, French Beans, Onions, cluster beans, potatoes, white onions, brinjals, cucumber, Cabbage, Capsicum, parwal, lady finger, round gourd, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, chillies, spinach and pumpkin.

In addition we have ginger, garlic, mint leaves, methi leaves, coriander leaves.

Herbs list comprises of black pepper, jeera, saunf, dhaniya seeds, turmeric and methi seeds.

Exotic veggies are perfect for your exotic dishes. This range is broad with Broccoli, zuchhini green, mushroom, zuchhini yellow, Red Cabbage, Yellow Capsicum, red Capsicum and baby corn.

If you really wish to save your time and you don't have time to chop the vegetables, Don't worry about this we have solution for this problem too. You can get chopped vegetables in a wide variety along sweet corns.

Its an ideal place for health conscious people. You can get wheat sprouts and moong sprouts.

Get the best offers on vegetables, fruits and herbs only at sabji kirana store. We use safety measures and precautions to prevent you and ensure a safe delivery.The products will reach you with complete hygiene and sanitisation. We have different wallet facilities and payment mode.